Arsenic is the most crucial of all the metallic toxins. It is much utilized in medicine and also the arts. It occurs as metallic arsenic, which is of a steel-grey colour, fragile, as well as gives off a garlic-like smell when warmed; as arsenious acid; in the form of 2 sulphides– the red sulphide, or realgar, and also the yellow sulphide, or orpiment; and as arsenite of copper, or Scheele’s environment-friendly. It additionally exists as a contamination in the ores of several sheets of steel– iron, copper, silver, tin, zinc, nickel, as well as cobalt. Sulphuric acid is often fertilized with arsenic from the iron pyrites made use of in preparing the acid. It is a constituent of numerous rat pastes, vermin or herbicide, complexion powders, sheep dips, and so on

Arsenious Acid (White Arsenic, Trioxide of Arsenic).–

Colourless, odourless, and also virtually unsavoury. It occurs in business as a white powder or in a strong cake, which goes to very first translucent, however afterwards ends up being nontransparent. A little soluble in cold water; 파워볼총판구인 1 ounce of water liquifies concerning 1/2 grain of arsenic. Fowler’s remedy is the best-known medicinal preparation of arsenic, and also consists of 1 grain of arsenious anhydride in 110 minims.

Symptoms.– Commence in from half to one hour.

Fatigue, nausea or vomiting, incessant throwing up, epigastric pain, migraine, diarrhœa, tightness as well as warm of throat and fauces, thirst, capturing in the breath, restlessness, debility, constrain in the legs, as well as convulsive twitchings. The skin comes to be cold and clammy. In many cases, the symptoms are those of collapse, with yet little discomfort, throwing up, or diarrhœa. In others, the client comes under a deep sleep, while in the 4th course the signs and symptoms resemble closely those of English cholera. The thrown up issues are frequently blue from indigo, or black from soot, or green from bile, mixed with the poisonous substance. Should the patient make it through some days, no trace of arsenic may be found in the body, as the poison is rapidly removed by the kidneys. In all thought instances, the pee needs to be checked out.

The signs and symptoms of persistent poisoning by arsenic are anorexia nervosa.

Silvery tongue, thirst, queasiness, colicky pains, diarrhœa, frustration, languor, insomnia, cutaneous eruptions, the discomfort of the edges of the eyelids, emaciation, befalling of the hair, cough, hæmoptysis, anæmia, fantastic inflammation on stress over muscle mass of legs and arms, due to peripheral neuritis, and also convulsions.

Pigmentation is common; the face becomes dusky red.

The rest of the body a dark brown shade. This darkening is most significant in situations generally pigmented. And in parts exposed to the pressure of the clothing, such as the neck. And inner facet of the arms, the extensor elements being much less marked than the flexor. The pigmentation appears like the bronzing of Addison’s illness, but there are no spots on the mucous membranes, as well as the regular rosy tint of the lips is not modified. The skin over the feet may reveal significant hyperkeratosis.

The nerve system is notably affected.

The sensory signs show up first: tingling as well as tingling of the hands and also feet, pain in the soles of the feet on strolling, discomfort on relocating the joints, and also erythromelalgia. After that come the motor symptoms, with drop-wrist as well as drop-foot. The client suffers seriously from neuritis, and there might be an early loss of patellar reflex. The anxious symptoms began later than the cutaneous symptoms.